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“This world is but a canvas

   to our imagination.”


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A grand tour

of estate commissions

light parchment paper copy.png

Gorgeous in grey

Monochromatic grisaille, executed in shades of gray, create a subtle but dramatic landscape. Elegant and opulent with rich tonal contrast, this method of painting is also used to imitate sculpture.

winter painting.jpg
Cottage inside.jpg
fox with bells.jpg

Enter an enchanted


An invitation into the “Cottage Rhapsody”, with its parade of dancing and playing animals, entice one to twirl on an exquisitely painted floor of twig treillage, flowers and undulating ribbon. A perfect place to land for a grown-up Goldilocks!


A regal Old World residence

Intricate ornament in a European motif enhance a majestic, vaulted ceiling and stately arches in this Mediterranean mansion. No detail was spared in this exquisite design, achieved from authentic decorative archives.

domed ceiling angled.jpg
wooen panel.jpg

Ceiling as 


A coffered ceiling, beams and cabinetry invite rustic Old World elegance in a Mediterranean motif. Inspired by medieval heraldry, this ceiling commands one to “look up!”

plume ornament.png

Pasadena Showcase House:

extravagant & exclusive

Pasadena Showcase
Pasadena Showcase House logo.png

Since 2016 Shari has had the amazing privilege of being selected to participate in this prestigious and wonderful design event. Pasadena Showcase House, now entering its 59th year, is an organization run entirely by volunteers, and has raised over $25 million to benefit youth music groups. Inviting over 25,000 visitors each spring, attendees see the latest in-home design, trends and technology, not to mention the best in garden and floral design--what the special city of Pasadena is famous for. Shari’s gift of transforming unassuming spaces into purely magical, imaginative environments has earned her nine consecutive invitations to mesmerize her adoring audience. 

Pony Tales Wild Horses Under Threat

“Pony Tales”...
Wild Horses Under Threat

In this beautifully illustrated, live-in homage to the wild horses of the American West, Shari expresses an impassioned plea, a call to action, to protect and preserve these majestic and yet so vulnerable creatures, and ensure their freedom, wildness and survival; the only life they have known, and so undeniably deserve.

white horse icon.png


•Sign a petition

•Vote to pass the SAFE Act



Find out more:

American Wild Horse Conservation (AWHC)

The nations leading nonprofit organization dedicated to the promise of lifelong freedom for wild horses and burros, and preserving the public lands that they inhabit.

Instagram @freewildhorses


Skydog Sanctuary

Wild horse advocates in Malibu, California, and Bend, Oregon, with over 9,000 acres, saving captured mustangs, reuniting families, and returning them to freedom.

Instagram @skydogsanctuary

Pink Marble

“The Elevator”

 as featured

 on  HGTV

Under a painted canopy of pink and puffy tented drapery, a flamboyant surrounding of fanciful filigree, fantastic florals, and a capricious cockatoo rendezvous, this tiny, trippy portal was a fan favorite!

crown ornament.png
Image by Scott Webb

Loggia Bella Notte

A magical trip to a beautiful night, reminiscent of an Italian villa. A ceiling of swans, cherubs, lush garlands and trompe l’oeil ironwork…romance to take your breath away.

treehouse panel.jpg

A Wanderer’s Folly

A beguiling, artistic fantasy of color and whimsy among the treetops, inspired by a horse drawn, gypsy vardo. Opulent scrollwork and lush, oversize florals and birds offer an enchanting escape to a secret and magical world.

treehouse ramp.jpg
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