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Making your home a masterpiece

For 30 years Shari Tipich has been beautifying homes and creating breathtaking environments for clients up and down the West Coast. Her ability to capture a vision and bring it to life is nothing short of spectacular.


What starts out as a conversation about lifestyle and personal tastes turns into a work of art adorning a wall, a ceiling, an entire residence. Brushstroke becomes magic.


Shari Tipich’s expertise lies in the creation of murals, historic finishes and exquisite ornamentation, spanning the sophisticated to the fun and whimsical. Naturally, the result is an imaginatively integrated space, completely unique and a reflection of you.


Versatile in style, impossibly creative and obsessive about details, Shari Tipich will transform your home into true beauty.


venetian plaster light blue with type
Contemporary brush-strokes
fruit on ceiling exquisite

“This world is but a canvas

   to our imagination.”

Henry David Thoreau




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Shari Tipich

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By invitation only, Shari Tipich participated as one of 25 exclusive designers in the 2016 Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts. Her installation was an extravagant elevator which is being entered in HGTV’s FACES of DESIGN contest.

Historic /  Ornamental / Signature Art

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